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XVIIIth Mundialito officialy inaugurated

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A mass press conference gave the starting signal to this XVIIIth edition of the BSWW Mundialito, taking place this weekend in Vilanova de Gaia, its new home after eight consecutive years in Portimão.

Pedro Dias, Director of the Federaçao Portuguesa de Futebol, Mario Fontemanha, Vereador Do Desporto Vilanova de Gaia, Josep Ponset, Head of Competitions in Beach Soccer Worldwide and the four national team coaches taking part in the competition sat the press conference. The captains of Spain, Portugal, Japan and Italy were there, too.

All the participants agreed in one clear idea: it is a true privilege to take part in one of the doyen events in the Beach Soccer World. Since its first ever edition, in 1994 in Rio de Janeiro, the Mundialito flew to Portugal to experience sixteen more chapters, eight of them in Figueira da Foz and eight more in Portimão. Now, it is the time for the XVIIIth edition, in a new venue, Vilanova de Gaia, host of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2015.

Mario Fontemanha, Vereador Do Desporto Vilanova de Gaia, dealt with another of the assets entailed by Beach Soccer, and highlighted the values a top-flight sports event as the Mundialito offers the city in terms of promotion and global exposure.

Now everything is set for a new exciting weekend in Portugal, with the hosts, Japan, Italy and Spain ready to build a new unforgettable showcase.

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